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Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training course in Nigeria contains all you need to know to become a knowledgeable SEO specialist. We train you on all the elements of SEO, from optimising pages for speed to content for Google search results.


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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means taking actions on a website so that the website shows up when people search for related products or services on Google, Bing, or other search engines.

For example, if you sell iPhones and do SEO on your website for iPhones. If someone searches for “buy iPhone in Nigeria”, your website will show up on the search results.

When SEO is done well, a website can show up as number one on search engine result pages, leading to an increase in leads and sales in the long term.

Yes, SEO is long-term because if you can achieve the number one position today, you can hold on to it for as long as your competitors don’t do strong SEO. Even if they do, you can still retain your number one position if you know the right tactics to use.

Because of the profitability of SEO, many businesses all over the world invest thousands of dollars monthly.

As a Nigerian, you can profit from that either by learning SEO to provide international and/or local SEO services to businesses all over the world  as an agency or freelancer or do it for your business to grow traffic or sales.

One good thing about doing SEO in Nigeria is that most of your competitors haven’t caught on, but your customers have, so you can profit a lot.

Not to mention, despite a good number of companies offering SEO services in Nigeria, many of them don’t know how to do SEO properly or do SEO with old 2000s tactics that no longer work. With our SEO course, you know the up-to-date tactics and can offer a better service.

How much can you make from SEO?

Freelancers and entrepreneurs make a lot from SEO. In Nigeria, you can get a monthly retainer from each business for NGN200,000. From companies abroad, you can get an average of $5,000 monthly. This is not just talks; look at the screenshot below of a Nigerian making five figures in dollars on Upwork by offering SEO services.

SEO freelancer from Nigeria

What is covered in our SEO Training in Nigeria?

This Nigeria’s top SEO training course covers every aspect of SEO and is regularly updated to include anything new that search engines like Google come up with. We take you from being a newbie to being an SEO knowledge expert. Our lessons include:

Link Building & Brand Mentions

Link building is one of the key aspects of SEO, yet it can be very difficult if you don’t know the right way to go about it. Even experienced SEO experts may struggle if they don’t use the right strategies. We teach proven strategies and have used them for several websites.

SEO Audit and Strategy

At the beginning of an SEO contract and periodically, you need to do SEO audits and build an SEO strategy. They guide you in pinpointing the areas to focus on so you don’t waste time on areas that you shouldn’t. We teach them and even include a free audit template and checklist.

Competitive Analysis

Your competitors may be doing so well with search engine optimization. Knowing what they are doing and how they are doing it will help you move forward. Why? You can turn their strategy in your favour, make it better and overtake them. We teach you how to do this as well.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is everything that has to do with ensuring that Google and other search engines can crawl and index a website correctly. It also includes optimising a website for speed and adding structured data to improve your search visibility. This is included in our SEO course.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO covers everything done to the words on a page and the page itself to ensure that it gets higher positions or rankings on search results for the products or services you want. That includes optimising content with keywords, content structuring when writing and more.

Local SEO

When you are optimising the website of a Nigerian business, you need to know local SEO. This also applies to any business targeting a local market, like a city, state or country rather than the global scene. We cover all about local SEO, including content optimisation and GMB.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is finding out the phrases your target audience uses to search on Google and other search engines. It helps you avoid optimizing a page for one keyword when another keyword is a better option. We teach the best way to do keyword research for results.

Image Optimization

Your images are a key area of focus. Optimising them for SEO is important; they help search engines understand your content and help those that have turned off images or are visually impaired understand what your image is about. Take our SEO course to learn how to do this.

International SEO

International SEO is one thing that only multinationals focus on. If you want to serve big companies, you need to know it. Our SEO course covers international SEO to help you know how to optimize a website, so it shows up in searches done in the different countries it target.

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How does our SEO Course in Nigeria work?

Our SEO course is easy to follow. When you enrol, you will get instant access to the online course. You can access it from your dashboard by clicking on “login” on our website. The details will also be sent to your email.

In your dashboard, you will see “enrolled courses”, click on that to access the course. The course is arranged in modules with different lessons in each module. The lessons come with pre-recorded videos, texts, PDFs, Google docs, and spreadsheets to ensures you understand all aspects of the course.

We also have a question and answer (Q&A) section, live chat, WhatsApp access, call access and email to ensure you can ask the instructor for help at any time.

seo course dashboard

Who should take our Online SEO course in Nigeria?

You should take our SEO course if you are looking to pursue SEO or digital marketing as a career or if you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your business.

Whether you are new to search engine optimisation or you know a little but want to become an advanced SEO specialist, there is enough for you. Our SEO course in Nigeria covers it all.

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SEO Training in Nigeria with an SEO Certificate

Get certified with our SEO course. Every person is expected to take a test at the end of the SEO course before being awarded a certificate.

As long as you listen attentively, read the guides and do what is in the lessons, the test should be a breeze. The pass mark is 70%.

 When you get that, you will be given a recognised certificate to prove your knowledge to potential clients or employers.

Trusted By More Than 300 Students

I just finished the content writing course and honestly, it was great. I learnt so much.
Oghenekome Okumo Emeada
It's was great experience learning how to create Google ads with you guys. I planned taking a course on SEO soon. Thanks for your assistance on the Google ads course.
Olamilekan Olusegun
Great courses, nice and professional support. I have taken the SEO, social media marketing, and Google Ads course. Love all three. Best explanation I have gotten from all the other courses I have tried.
April Shell
Cape Town, South Africa
I noticed an improvement on my website before the end of the SEO course. The course is easy to follow and they broke down technical issues into simple terminology. I enjoyed the course.
Nonso Okoroafor
Lagos, Nigeria

How does SEO work?

Before Google can produce results on a search, they need to “crawl” pages on the internet, understand the information on those pages, and store that in their server or index so that when someone searches, they can provide the right results in seconds.

When Google is doing that crawl, it takes note of what your page is about. For Google to understand a page, you need to include certain information, and that’s where SEO comes in.

From technical SEO to link building, every aspect of SEO aims to make sure Google understands your website and thinks your website has the best answer or offer to a user searching on Google search.

You don’t pay Google to get such results, unlike what you have to do with Google ads. Rather, you put the work in, and that’s what we teach in our SEO course in Nigeria.

SEO Course Terms Discussed

What is structured data?

Have you ever seen review stars or recipes like the one below on Google before?

recipe structured data

That is as a result of structured data. You can also create such beautiful entries or “featured snippets” or “rich snippets” on Google for other things, such as products, courses, services, local business and more. We teach how to do it in Google.

Google and its concern with speed

One thing Google is particular about is providing the best experience to those who are searching, which means your website must be the best in terms of content and user experience. User experience includes speed. So, if a website takes too long to load, it’s not a good sign. 

Many factors affect website speed, but we teach how to improve a website’s speed and even more technical things like core web vitals in our SEO course. Even if you had never heard of these terms before or touched a website before, our SEO course will turn you into an expert in no time.

What are keywords?

Keywords are terms that people search with on Google. Don’t confuse the use of “word” to think it’s one word all the time. It can be phrases, and these days, it likely is.

Someone is more likely to search for “SEO course in Nigeria” than SEO if they are looking for a course. However, you may think SEO or SEO training is better. Knowing what keywords people are searching with will help you know what to focus on when optimising a page, so you get results as quickly as quality allows.

What is GMB?

google my business

GMB stands for Google My Business. If you have seen a business have this on Google, it can be as a result of setting it up in GMB or Google Maps. This is great for optimising local search, for example, “SEO course in Lagos”.

Google changes its setting frequently, and GMB is now for large businesses and those managing large profiles, while small businesses can manage their profile from Google maps. Nevertheless, the tactics remain the same. 

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (GSC) is a platform owned by Google that allows you to manage your website as regards Google search. It helps you see if Google has a problem with reading or indexing your site or if your site is violating a rule or failing in any area.

GSC also helps you see your site’s performance on Google search; how many clicks are coming in, how many impressions are coming in, and so on. Along with Google Analytics, you have some nice tools to help you see if your tactics are working and some things to improve.

What is PageSpeed Insights?

PageSpeed Insights is a tool that allows SEOs to find issues on websites as it relates to speed, usability, and the interactivity of a website. With this tool, you find out technical issues of a website so you can fix them and, possibly, rank higher.

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Frequently asked questions

Our SEO course is offered at 72,000 naira to Nigerians because we understand that the economy should not be why you shouldn’t gain a relevant skill. Most of the other top SEO courses are quite expensive, from like $500, and that’s not something an average Nigerian can afford easily. We decided to help Nigerians gain this skill that has helped us earn well at an affordable price. That way, you can earn in dollars from your home in Nigeria or grow your business without a huge overhead cost.

Yes, you absolutely can. Our SEO training course is designed for beginners. If you have not even had SEO knowledge in the past, you will do well. We have ensured that it is easy to assimilate. If you have any issues with understanding it, your instructor is on hand to assist you easily through a Q&A section, live chat, WhatsApp, phone call, or email.

You can reach out to people outside Nigeria through international SEO. With international SEO, you will put in place tactics that ensure a site shows up for searches in the countries the site targets rather than just a local market. This is included in our course.

We teach local SEO to help you reach out to people in cities like Lagos and Abuja, as well as international SEO to help you reach out to people in different countries all over the world.

We currently only provide physical search engine optimization training classes to organisations and teams and not individuals. While individuals and teams can avail our online training, organisations and teams can also request physical training at an added cost in Lagos, Nigeria. This will teach all the search engine friendly sections covered above. For more information, please email hello@digitalmarketingtrainingnigeria.com today.