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Earn more and get top skills with our content writing course. With our content marketing course, you will get the skills needed to make money online as a freelance content writer, content writing employee, or business owner offering content writing services.

Key areas of our Content Writing Training

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Our content writing course in Nigeria contains all you need to become an expert content and copywriter. We teach you content writing to enable you write content that converts sales and leads with success.


Content Writing Course Details

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Self-paced (can be finished in a week)

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4 Modules with different lessons and topics.

Learn Content Writing in These Areas

Content Writing Strategy

An excellent content marketing plan will help you manage and plan content creation, key performance indicators, the content type to create, and how best to position and distribute the content for success. You will learn how to create a content writing plan with this course

Copywriting That Sells

To be an excellent copywriter, you need to know how to create great copy for different audiences. How you write for one audience may differ from how you should write for another. We will teach you how to write copy and content that sells products and services.

Understanding the Target Market

A writer can only be fantastic when they understand their audience. We will teach you how to do basic and advanced research into audiences so you know what to add to your content to make it a success and keep clients returning to use your writing service.

Types of Content to Create

You will learn about grant writing, academic writing, SEO writing, product description writing, and other types of writing. Also, you will learn how to create them, the best approach, and tips that will help you satisfy your clients and meet their needs in these content writing areas.

Content Writing and SEO

SEO is a popular digital marketing area, and many content writers are offering SEO content writing services. Our content writing course looks into SEO content writing, what it is, how to do it, and how you can write content that stands a chance when you aren’t interested in SEO.

Content Writing Tools

Content writing tools are essential to the success of a content writer. To become a successful content writer, you must know the software that can help, especially when you live in Nigeria. We looked at tools in SEO writing and even those that can help you cut down time spent on writing.

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Why Take Our Content Writing Course in Nigeria?

Almost every business today needs a content writer. They understand that content is necessary to sell, whether it is the product description on their website, blog post to increase engagement and traffic, or social media content.

Content is king. As such, content writers are in steady demand.

Go on platforms like Upwork, and you will see a massive demand for content writers despite many content writers already on the platform. Furthermore, quality writers aren’t as many as the jobs available, so you have many opportunities.

Our Content Writing course is created by content writers with over 10 years of digital marketing and content writing experience. Our coaches teach content writing and have offered the service on Upwork, been hired as full-time remote content writers in companies in the USA, UK, and Israel, and even have handled content writing agencies of their own, all from Nigeria.

With our Content writing course in Nigeria, you will learn how to help brands make sales and increase product value from content marketing.  The Content writing course is arranged in modules with different lessons with pre-recorded videos, texts, PDFs, and more.

Whether you are in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu or anywhere else in Nigeria, this course is created to help you succeed globally.

How much can be made from Content Writing?

There’s no one answer to this question. Freelancers on sites like Upwork can make from $1000 to even $10,000 or more every month. Those not working through such marketplaces can get retainer contracts or full-time contracts worth even more. You can also work for Nigerian companies and earn NGN100,000 or more, depending on available work.

a content writing freelancer on upwork from nigeria that has earned over $100,000

How does our Content Writing Training course in Nigeria work?

Become an expert writer with a course that is easy to follow. You will get instant access to the online content writing course immediately after enrolling. You can access it from your lesson dashboard by clicking on “login” on our website. The details for login will also be sent to your email.

In your dashboard, click on “enrolled courses” on the dashboard menu. Then click on the content writing course to access it.

We have a question and answer (Q&A) section, live chat, WhatsApp access, call access, and email so you can contact the instructor for help or clarification at any time. 

digital marketing certificate from Market Ardent

Who should take our Content Writing Course in Nigeria?

You should take our content writing course if you want to become a content writer, whether a freelance writer or a full-time employee. Also, take our content writing course if you wish to use content to boost your business. We do well with:

a certificate from Market Ardent (DMTNigeria) to show the best digital marketing courses in Nigeria

Content Writing Course With certification

Get certified with our content writing course. All students will get a content writing course with certification if they complete all requirements.

The requirements include completing all lessons and taking the necessary tests. As long as you listen attentively, read the guides and do what is in the lessons, you will qualify for a content writing certification. You will be given a recognised certificate to prove your knowledge to potential clients or employers when you get that.

Trusted By More Than 300 Students

I just finished the content writing course and honestly, it was great. I learnt so much.
Oghenekome Okumo Emeada
It's was great experience learning how to create Google ads with you guys. I planned taking a course on SEO soon. Thanks for your assistance on the Google ads course.
Olamilekan Olusegun
Great courses, nice and professional support. I have taken the SEO, social media marketing, and Google Ads course. Love all three. Best explanation I have gotten from all the other courses I have tried.
April Shell
Cape Town, South Africa
I noticed an improvement on my website before the end of the SEO course. The course is easy to follow and they broke down technical issues into simple terminology. I enjoyed the course.
Nonso Okoroafor
Lagos, Nigeria

Frequently asked questions

The Digital Marketing Nigeria content writing course is only 11,500 naira, this is the best value for money for Nigerians. Non-Nigerians viewing our course from outside the country paid in dollars and, as such, pay a higher rate. We aim to help Nigerians earn more and get valuable skills at an affordable rate.

A content writer should do in-depth content writing training courses that helps them improve their writing skills. They can also take courses in SEO, behavioural marketing, and other related courses to help boost their content writing spending on their area of focus.

The content writing training course from Digital Marketing Training Nigeria is the best content writing course available to Nigerians. It covers the A to Z of content writing. Our courses ensure the development of your content writing skills.

Although you may see free content writing courses and classes, there is no guarantee that they are quality. A free course may only have a small fraction of a paid course to incentivise you into taking the paid course. Also, a free course may not have enough value because the creators are not getting paid to offer it and may not put in enough effort. To ensure you get value, it is recommended that you go for a solid and paid content writing training course.

You can study creative writing online but on Digital Marketing Training Nigeria, we focus only on content development as it relates to marketing. We provide a copywriting, content writing and content marketing program that covers writing creative copy and content for the web and print materials. Our content writing classes are primarily for writing for businesses, grants, and academics. We do not cover writing fictional books.

We are based in Lagos state Nigeria and provide online content development and management training so anyone anywhere can take them. Sign up today to join our classes and add this skill so you can triple your earnings.